Friday, November 25, 2011

Yeah Me!

Lucky me!  I get to fly home tomorrow.  That means l get to wake at the lovely time of 2am on Saturday morning to drive to Calgary.  I can't wait until l get to drive from location to location, so l can part and arrive on my own schedule, and not on a airlines schedule.

My time in Creston was short.  I was way too busy with work to venture out and experience more.  The little town is nestled in the mountains, and it is just gorgeous.  I drove in on a Sunny Sunday, Monday we got dumped on with snow, Tuesday and Wednesday it rained, snow melted, Thursday it was dry but foggy  up in the mountains, Friday the sun peaked out a bit, here and there, and l could see a snow storm up at the top of the mountains, but it never reached the town.

I've heard lots of Albertans retire to this area, and l can see why. The mountains are so close they shorten the day, and make the night pitch black.



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