Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leaving Gunnison Tomorrow

Yep.  Time to move on.  I came, l saw, l'm going.

My visit to Gunnison, Colorado is over tomorrow.  I stayed here shorter then my normal work trips. It is a small town.  Most places l visit are small towns.  This one seems to be a bit more financially challenged then most lately.

People l talk to here say that it took a while for the recession to hit this area, but now they are feeling the full brunt of it.  It's too bad, they are nice people here.  In this area and Crusted Butte there are a fair amount of homes that are second homes to others.  It is a tourist area with great summer and winter activities and apparently great hunting in Gunnison. Well worth the visit.

Please, when you come, stop by and rent a room at  the Season's Inn and ask for Laveta.  She's a great lady and the motel is clean and well cared for.

I wrote more about Gunnison on my Squidoo page, check it out!


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