Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Have A Problem

Last night was a bit chilly, but no problem, l just fired up the furnace!  :-)

I was busy doing paperwork last night in my cosy little cocoon.  Problem is my printer crapped out on me, so l've just hit the local Walmart for another one.  Try as l might, l can't clear the none-existant paper jam.  There is nothing there, l think the feeder wheels are not grabbing the paper, thereby causing the machine to think that there is a paper jam.  Or perhaps the jiggle of the van has damaged it???  Who knows.

I'm amazed at the low cost of printers out there.  I've just purchased one for $36.00.  It scans, copys and prints......fantastic deal.  AND l dont' have to sell a kitty to buy the cartridge refills.

This morning l organized things a bit more, l think this will be an ongoing process as l continue to live in the van.


  1. Should have tried the hammer on it!

    Oh wait, that's for the starter :)

  2. hahahahahahaha....that made me laugh Maria!!!! lol You funny. I did try my hand banging it.....to no avail.