Friday, April 27, 2012

Locked Out

You know you have experienced it, l think everyone has at least once.  The impending gloom you feel as you shut your vehicle door a second before you realize your keys are still inside and you have just locked yourself out.  I had it happen once at a car wash when l was washing my truck a couple of years ago.  I had left it running while l  washed the truck.  Boy was it clean, and it was locked.  Some how the truck had locked itself (honest).  I bummed a ride from the attendant to my house which was once a couple fo miles down the road and grabbed my spare set.

It happened to me today.  I was backing out the side door, the natives (the kitty cats) were a bit restless and l didn’t want them running out in the parking lot l was at.  I pressed the lock on the door and shut it, only to realize my keys were sitting on the counter.

Now, you might think that was all bad.  But l had a few back up plans for just this problem.  First of all l could call CAA, but that would take too long, and why bother when l had already planned for something just like this.

I have to say, l didn’t think it would happen so soon into my trip, but prepared l was.  The reason l was ready for this, l had read about Glenns’ (   fun time squeezing thru the top window of his van when he had locked himself out with his Falcon running and his navigator inside (his cat). And for icing on the cake, I believe he was in the middle of no-where.

So after my friend J built my shelf, l thought it would be a great idea to put my extra set of keys on the shelf in my pen holder that is up there.  Then, l would know where they were if l ever needed them (everything in its place).  And two, l could open the window reach in and grab the spare set. Unlike Glenn, l is not Spiderman.

I went and borrowed a chair from a local business – it was either that or a wire coat hanger, because l could open the side window and feed the coat hanger thru the window and grab the keys with the hook part. Within five minutes l was back in, chair returned.




  1. Smart thinking Tammy and something I'll remember. I've locked myself out of my apartment a few times and if the manager isn't around it could take literally hours to be let back in. I definitely need a back up plan (or several) for when I'm on the road far from home and a back up set of keys.

    Curious though... doesn't your window lock and what would you have done in that case?

  2. Hi Maria;

    I don't have the very top one locked. It is up way too might for someone to easier climb through....and it's only 7 & 1/2 inches tall, acording to Glenn, and by looking at it....he's not far off!!!! Most people wouldn't fit....and for sure ...not quickly!!!!!