Friday, April 13, 2012


Holy Macaroni Batman.  It's almost here and l feel VERY BUSY!!!!!!

Yesterday l built a box for the back of my van.  Okay, l just assisted a friend while he built the box for the back of the van.  Today l will paint it.  That was a dilemma, what color to paint it?  I choose dark brown.  It will tie in with the van's stripes.  The weather is supposed to be nice and warm today (high 50's, at least the sun sill be shining and l can work outside without a coat.

I am going to try and get all packed up today, wash the van, wax the van, paint the box, organize inside the van, cut the curtains to length, then hand sew them at some time in the next week or so (best case scenario - this weekend).  I'm going to try and get the cats acclimatised to the van this weekend, which means l will be van living this weekend too.  I have my first meeting with the new campground at 10am on Monday morning.

.....ahhhhh.....too much to do, must go do now!!!!


  1. What did they decide about the starting problem?

    YES! You have a lot on your plate. I have confidence you can get it all done though :)

    How far away is the new campground?

  2. Alrighty then - we are off! Well just about.

    Heat is a real killer of starter motors. Check to be sure that the heat shields are not missing as this will cause a lot of grief.

  3. Ok, thanks Les. I'll take a look see under the van today. Although l haven't had a problem since. :-)

  4. Maria, the starting problems haven't happened again. :-)

    My first campground is only 1 hour away!

  5. Please share pics when you get the inside done!