Friday, April 6, 2012

On My Way Home

I am on my way home, and l can't wait to get there.  I am sitting with a bag full of information that l want to organize for my new job.  The meeting was so helpful, and l'm glad that l waited to start the new job until after the conference.  I also know that my previous experience will benefit me in the new position.  It will be a  little bit of a challenge doing it by myself, but l did met a few people that do it by themselves.  And if l know anything, it's this, if someone is able to do it, so am l!

Since l am an organized person, that will help me be efficient and successful.  And at least l won't have to depend on a partner who isn't committed 100%.

When l get home, l might be heading out right away to do a project, or at least in the very near future, so l will be concentrating on packing and getting the camper ready and organizing my office in it.  Thank God that l have taken the odd weekend l've had at home and started that whole process.  There will be a few more trips to the Salvation Army where l will be donating most of my stuff.

I will miss the weather and the blue skies, the weather at home is only in the 50's, so out come the sweaters again!


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  1. Sounds like everything is falling right into place.

    ... and the adventure begins!