Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I managed to fill up my propane tank Monday.  Actually it was a pretty big necessity since it's not nice outside (it's FREAKIN' FREEZING). It only cost me $22.00, l was tickled pink about that.  To me it looks bigger then a BBQ tank, so l was expecting to have to lay out more cash.  I was even more tickled, really jumping for joy, that the guy didn't seem to mind that he filled a tank that does not have the auto release valve that now is required on propane tanks.  I know this one hasn't been retro fitted.  The cost to retro fit such an old tank, would be in the neighbourhood of $1000 + because you would have to replace the tank also.  The required valves don't fit on the old style tanks.

[caption id="attachment_850" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This is not the right valve"][/caption]


I saw snow flakes Monday, which my flakes don't even come close to the 8 inches New York is getting.  All l can say is "Thank God l'm not in New York".

With the propane filled  l can heat the van, heat the water and cook the food...all the basic necessities of life.

If we didn't have those really nice, unseasonable warm days already this year, the weather would be easier to take.  Having the weather behave like an eratic yoyo makes it hard to enjoy the snow, wet, cold days.  But l have heat, so life is good!


  1. Your tank gauge and sending unit are on the left of your photo. The dial itself is operated magnetically by the float assembly inside the tank and can be replaced easily. There is a screw on the top and bottom of the dial and a nut to secure the sensor wire, then the dial comes off. Picture is here: http://www.rverscorner.com/pics/LPG%20tank%20sender.jpg

    You can get a replacement from a local propane supplier (usually) or I found one on the net at: http://www.factoryrvsurplus.com/products.php?product_id=630 The one I bought locally was about $50 here in BC Canada.

    If you replace yours make sure to clean the area that the dial mounts to - it uses the tank itself as a ground path.

  2. Wow Les, Thanks for your help. I might just have to get a professional to do it though. Too bad your in BC :-)

  3. Enjoying your blog for awhile now..well written and interesting..We travel in our 24' Tioga several months of the year from Michigan..Our MH has the old LP tank built in and I found out it doesn't have to be retrofitted..only portable tanks need modifying..if you're ever in Michigan in the summer send us a note..Hopefully we'll all cross paths somewhere..happy & safe travels to ya.....CHARLIE

  4. Thanks Charlie. I will be in Kalamazoo area next week for two weeks.

    24' Tioga would be so muc space!!! I would love it.