Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coming Along

I’m getting used to the small space of the van.  Last night l cleaned out some extra blankets l  organized some more.  It’s getting there.

It just me and my two cats in this van,  and those little guys don’t take up much room.  I’ve got their kitty litter over the bathtub, and then two little dishes, one for food, one for water.  I am amazed that some couples full time in a camper van.  I don’t know how they do it.  It really is a tight space, l would think some blood would be shed before too long if a couple were to shack up in one of these.

I can’t imagine plunking down a hundred grand for a new one of these things and then find out it’s not enough room.  That would hurt the pocket book for sure.


  1. How are the kitty's adjusting? And how is your first project going?

  2. I don't have internet at the campground, so, funny enough, l wrote Fridays blogg an hour before you commented asking about how my kitty's are doing. Very seridipity.

    First project is going good. The first couple of days l had a tough go just on the organizational front. Bit off more then l could chew; from moving intot he van and starting a new job....l just didn't give myself time to organize. I'm happy to say, l am now more organized. :-)