Monday, April 30, 2012

Laundry Day

It's a wet, rainy Monday and l'm putting in an hour at the laundromat.  This town had a big one, and boy is it crowded.  I wonder what it's like on a Saturday.  I don't wonder enough to show up there :-)  it must be really crowded.

There are TV's on the wall.  I actually enjoyed a show on Sloths.  I guess it's been a long while since l've watched any TV.  I think it's been a month, nada, none, zilch.  Not that l was ever a big TV watcher.  Didn't even have cable at home.  And most of the time when l was in the hotels, it never got much use from me.

Documentaries on Discovery have always been my TV of choice, now maybe Animal Planet may have to join that honoured position.


  1. We've been following your blog for awhile..Happy to see you enjoying/learning fulltiming..We r on the road from Oct thru May..going fulltime this fall..if ur around Houghton Lake, MI stop in & a lot of room and a power cord for ya..Charlie & Heather

  2. Charlie - Moochdock! I like it!!! lol

    You must be looking forward to full-timing. And you've had practice first! Lucky you! I am loving it too.