Friday, April 20, 2012

The Taste of Freedom

I was brave last night.  It was a warm night.  Certainly warmer than the last couple of nights.  So after dinner, when it was turning to dusk l let loose the hounds.  Ok, the hounds were of the feline variety.

I opened the side door to the campervan and let my cats out for some fresh air and some leg stretches.  At first Charlie the scare-dee cat, who is also the most phenomenal  hunter of the two, wouldn’t go out.  I guess she got Stockholm syndrome.  She didn’t want to leave her captor.  Tommy was braver and didn’t need any coxing.

Eventually, the thought of going out and smelling all the good scents won out.  They both came and went, in and out, over the hour that they were out there.  Which l have to be honest, l was so surprised that they willingly came back into the camper van.  It was a gamble that l let them out.  I was hoping that after 4 days being cooped up in the van, they would realize, it wasn’t so bad.

I am actually surprised that there has been no puking in the first hour of the adventure.  Usually, one pukes on car rides.  This time, no one (not even me!), for four whole days.  Today they both looked very relaxed when l was driving around on appointments.  It is a big relief for me.  And so l felt maybe it was time to try the experiment of freedom.

I am happy to report the experiment was a success.  The cats consider this their home too!  :-)

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  1. Congrats. Glad everyone is settling in. :)