Saturday, April 28, 2012


Well it happened this morning.  I'm actually suprised that it didn't happen sooner.  Since the past couple of weeks the weather has been very chilly at night.  My water was frozen this morning.  Not my holding tank, but the fresh water coming into the city connection.

I have to say l am really looking forward to warmer weather.  I still feel like l cocoon in my camper van when it's chilly outside.

Anyways, back to the water issue.  So this morning l went back to the "Little House on the Praire" style and carted in my water needs in my cooking pots. It wasn't so bad.  It was a bigger struggle putting the frozen hose into my rear box then most mornings.  I'm sure in the thick of August l will be thinking how l could go for a few less degrees, but right now, l'm hoping for more.  Strange us humans....never happy!!!



  1. I'm curious why you feel a need to carry water in pots and pans. You should have a fresh water holding tank on that rig that is within the coach, and won't freeze! Even small rigs usually have 30-gallon fresh water tanks, which is enough to get you buy for several days, even taking showers! If you watch the weather and make sure you fill your tank before these freezing spells hit, you shouldn't have to carry pots and pans of water! Are we missing something here that we don't know?

  2. Yeah, you are missing something John. :-) Since l was in a campground, l only had water thru the city hook up line hooked up. No sense in putting water in the holding tank adding weight to the van if l can hook up every day with fresh water at the campgrounds. I only carried water in the pots when l filled them at the water spigot and carried it in to boil on the stove on the morning it froze. I had an early morning meeting and couldn't wait for it to thaw. It was so l could do dishes and wash up and boil for tea.

  3. Tammy, don't become a slave to your motorhome. Use it as it was intended. The 10-15 gallons of extra water won't make a big difference in driving your coach. And, it is SO convenient to have water available when you need it.

    MarkOnHisWayBackToCalifornia :)

  4. I have to agree with Mark. People make a big issue out of weight unnecessarily. Thirty gallons of water at 8.64 pounds per gallon is only 260 pounds, which is about the same as one good sized person, and that extra weight doesn't amount to any major difference in gas mileage or handling! If you've not cleaned the tank yet, there are simple instructions online as to what to add to it, drive around for awhile to shake it up, and then flush it out and refill it with clean water. What's the point of driving a fully equipped motorhome with running hot water and shower if you're going to rough camp? You might as well have saved the money and bought a newer empty van! It doesn't make sense. And the longer you put off using the water system, the more chances of things corroding and causing a real problem! I've been RV'ing for over 30 years in all kinds of rigs in all kinds of weather, and though I may not have all the facts all the time, I know what works, and when it doesn't, I know why it doesn't! You know the old saying... use it or lose it! That especially applies to water systems! Whatever you heard about carrying water in that small of a tank, forget it, and use the water tank! We had a 100 gallon water tank in our 40-footer, if you want to compare weights, and it didn't affect the driving or gas mileage one little bit! Your van is designed to hold the water in the tank that came with it, along with all holding tanks full, and not have an issue. Don't baby it! Enjoy every feature that it has!

  5. Guilty! Not really babying it, l just haven't had time to clean it out yet. I put some water in it before l left as well as some bleach....l just haven't had a chance to fill and dump it yet, what with the crappy weather and the transition into the camper. I will this week, weather is supposed to be on my side, and l'm feeling a little more settled.