Monday, April 23, 2012

But the Gauges Say......

Sunday night the gauges said l have 1/2 a tank of propane, l can tell you that was a lie.  About 10 pm Sunday night the heater stopped heating.  It suddenly turned into an air-conditioner.  I quickly turned it off.  Damn.  10 pm at night.  Where was l supposed to get it filled at that time?  Looked like it was going to be a cold night.

Mean while, l had a great idea on Saturday.  My neighbours at the park said their gas fired  furnace in their RV wasn't working and they were using an electric heater.  It's like a light bulb when off in my head (l'm actually surprised that l didn't think of it sooner - oh well, better late then never).  Every park l will be going to will have electric hook up, so why not get an electric heater was my thought.  And use the propane for back up.

When l was out visiting friends on Saturday (it was nice being in town close enough to visit even though l was working on the road), l stopped by a Walmart with S and was disappointed that they didn't have any in stock.  Lots of air-conditioners, but no heaters.

I thought it could wait until Monday.  NOPE!  Not that there was a Home Depot open at 10:30 pm on a Saturday night anyways.

Even on Sunday l was teased by the Universe when my friend  called me around 7pm saying she had found one at Home Depot that she bought for me and l will pick it up next Saturday.  Did do me much good Sunday when the heat went out at 10 pm, but it will in the future.  So Thank you S.

When l went to bed l piled on the blankets, four in all, and two cats.  Yes it was that cold.  It was around the freezing mark, and l've never been a fan of winter camping.  I fared pretty well snuggled down deep.  I had pulled out an old heater that l had for when l went tenting years ago.  And l used it to warm up the van in the morning (it emits carbon monoxide so not safe to run at night while sleeping).   I'm so glad l had it.  It helped when getting dressed.

Next on the list - fill the propane and get that electric heater.  The are calling for snow.


  1. You are right Tammy! Use the electric heater when plugged into shore power. Our motorhome heater is diesel powered as our coach doesn't have propane. We do have heat pumps on the roof but they are only good to about 40 degrees.

    Our little electric heater is usually enough to keep the chill off. I think we bought it at Walmart. One thing I'm looking for is a new electric grill. They just don't make them like the one we have that we bought 5 yrs. ago. I think we bought it at Walmart or Lowe's but they don't have them like ours anymore. One of the legs broke off and the repair hasn't lasted. I just don't want to give it up until I find another one just like it. It has a two level grill that most of the new ones don't have (go figure). :o(

    You mentioned about everything having it's place, you are not kidding. A motorhome can get SO cluttered right quick if you don't put stuff back. I'm constantly doing that as I like things neat and clean (as much as possible). I try not to over buy on supplies and only keep a small over-stock (paper towels, TP, window cleaner, kleenex, tooth paste, shampoo, etc.). We're learning!

    Travel safe,

  2. Mark, it is pretty hard to pass up on the specials, but when space is limited, you have no choice!