Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It got cold last night here in Ontario, and l was toast warm in my van.  The furnace works great.  I wouldn't have known it was in the very low 30's last night as l slept in 67 degree warmth.

I am continually adjusting my living will be nice when l can have everything in it's place.  I just realized l brought 5 sweatshirts with me....l will be purging some of those once l wear them!  Might as well, no sense in throwing out clean sweat shirts.  I would give them to charity, but the ones l plan on getting rid of are the ones that l have hung onto way past the point of recycle.  They are blessed and 'Holy" beyond repair.

My fridge is working.  Too well, actually.  It was on Max for the last couple of days and has chilled things in there to a nice solid frozen.  I'm sure the ambient temperature outside helped the fridge.  I have turned down the temperature on the Fridge, so that should solve that problem.  Once the cob webs (figure of speech) got out of the fridge, it seems to be running well)

I dumped the holding tank last night, no problems there.  Yeah!

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