Monday, April 16, 2012

I Don't Have Much

I don't have many belongings left, but l have too much.  It is a tight squeeze in the van, and will need some reconfiguring and purging, yet again.

I have a whole bin of work file folders and then another of personal file folders, with spill over from the work one.  I may have too many blankets, and of course, l have four pillows.....but those are a must have!  It's amazing the shit you collect over the years, and l have purged, with a capital 'P'.  I have to go back over it again and let more go.

In the back box l have tools, which l really don't want to get rid of, just in-case.  And l will never part with my hammer (since it does double duty as my starter :-)  )  Give me time, and l will get ride of stuff.  Especially if l have to move it too many times.  I'll become heartless and toss it.

That being said....l am amazed at how much this little van holds.



  1. You may not believe this but I'm already at the point where everything I own except the bed and porch swing fits into my car.

    Even still I wonder if it will mysteriously expand by the time I get my van, causing me to have to purge even more also.

  2. Maria, I didn't think l had all that much left, but it's the little things, the extra can of hairspray that you haven't emptied yet, or the numerous note pads that are blank, but do you want to send them to the trash, the electronic cords that you're not sure if you still need. It's those little things, that are making me crazy!!!!

    Good for you if you are a collect of the 'little things'.