Sunday, April 8, 2012

Un Packed My Suitcase

Sunday l unpacked my suitcase.  It probably won't be packed again for a very long time.  And l am good with that.  That suitcase taught me a few things.  It taught me how little l need to get by.  It taught me that no matter how much you pare down, your shit is still heavy.  It taught me how to mix and match my clothes so that it didn't seem that l was wearing the same thing twice in a two week period.  It taught me l can get by with two pairs of shoes, one a running shoe or comfortable walking show, and one a dress sandals or heal to match my clothes.  It taught me l don't need as much costume jewelry as l think l might.

I'm not sure l will miss my suitcase, as much time as we have spent together, l will be glad to let it go.  If it meant that l wouldn't be travelling anymore, that would be a different matter.  Since l will still be travelling, it's not a biggie!

Now to pack up the camper van, it shouldn't be as much as a challenge (l'm sure l will still pack too much) for me as people who haven't spent the quality time with the suitcase!


  1. Hi, Followed your link from George's shout box. Your starting an exciting adventure, and it sounds like your up to it. Will you be able to follow the sun in your new job? Like being in the south in the Winter, and the North in the Summer? If so, it seems you've found the perfect job :)

  2. Hi CBXBob. Thanks for visiting. I will be able to follow the sun. Isn't that great! I am looking forward to starting out in my camper van with my new job!