Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hanging at McDonalds

I've been hanging at McDonalds in the morning having a tea and using their free Wi-Fi.  Thank you McDonalds.

I've noticed the same group of seniors come in every morning enjoying their discounted coffee that comes with free refills.  Will they miss me when l leave in a couple of days.  Probably not.  That's okay.  Didn't hurt my feelings.  I guess if you don't have things to do, you get to enjoy the finer things in life like free refills at McDonalds.

While l appreciate the fine folks at McDonalds supplying me with free Wi-Fi, l do miss having access to it at night.  When l was travelling around in hotels, l always had it.  Sometimes the connection was piss poor, but l still had it.  The last couple of days l have been researching a plan to purchase.  I haven't jumped yet since l will be in the USA for 2 months, and my Canadian plan won't work there.  Well, actually it will work, l would just have to sell a kidney to use it there.  And while l have two, and both function, ya just never know when you might really need that second one for yourself.

I spoke with a representative at Costco yesterday day gave me some great information about tablets and phone plans.  I have a pretty good one now, but need either a smart phone or a tablet in the future.  When l'm ready to jump l will be hunting that guy down.

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  1. That's one of my concerns too as I make plans to travel, as I'm really spoiled by the unlimited internet I now enjoy.

    I'm sure I will adjust though, or find some way to figure it out.

    I'm surprised camp grounds don't have access.