Monday, April 16, 2012

First Night in the Van

I spent my first night in the van with my two my driveway.  Yep...big adventure was to be had.  I'm trying to break in my cats as gently as l can.  They were not happy when l first put them in the van.  Of course, l put them in one at a time, and then l had a few odds and ends to gather.  By the time l got in there, oh, 10 minutes later, they were fit to be tied.

I climbed on in with them and they settled down pretty quick.  They did their snooping around, sniffing and rubbing.  It just remains to be seen  how much they will like or not like the driving aspect of it.  We all slept well.  It was quite mild out last night.  And to my suprise the neighbourhood is quiet.

When l drove off this morning, l had my little divider in place, which Charlie quickly breached.  She did a spider-man move on it, scaled it and went over the top.  I am using bird netting to separate the two areas, the cockpit and the living area.  I was hoping to keep my cats in the living area as l drive.  As you can see.....that plan might not be sound.

Charlie was climbing up and around everything as l drove.  Up on the dash board, from seat to seat.  I continually had to pick her up and place her back down off the dash board.  It was a game we played for about a half hour, then she settled down in my lap.

Tommy stayed in the back.  Being a bigger cat, he couldn't quite breach the netting.  I think he sat on the couch the whole time, but it was dark and l was distracted by Charlie to really pay attention.

This was all done in the dark at 5 am, so l hope the other drivers didn't see the shenanigans going on in the home on wheels.

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  1. Very cool Tammy... you're on your way!

    One of the hardest things I've experienced when driving with cats was when one of them got under my feet and I couldn't get to the brake pedal. Make sure that doesn't happen... dangerous!

    I'm sure in a few days they'll be seasoned travelers and who knows... you might have to hide your keys so they don't take off without you :)

    Hope your first day in your new life goes splendidly and exactly as you intend!