Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not Much Stuff....But Still Too Much

I have been purging my belongings for a couple years now.  I've moved a lot and always give away/sell stuff every time l move.  And l still have enough donations to make a couple of trips to the salvation army this week.

It's amazing how much stuff we have as a society.  In the last 40 years we have gone crazy buying things, while actually trying to buy happiness.  Garages are no longer for cars, but for overflow from the house.  Storage lockers are plentiful throughout North America (a relative new phenomenon the last couple of decades).  We all have stuff we don't use/need/want.  And we still buy more.....

I'm hoping this move will free me even more then the freedom of travelling around in my camper van. I'll be breaking free from the consumerism, will you join me?


  1. Even though I'm down to a 1 bedroom apartment with minimum furnishings, it still amazes me how much unneeded stuff I still have. I used to joke that my stuff was pro-creating and multiplying in the dark recesses of my closets... not so sure that's an overstatement :)

    Good luck purging! Isn't it freeing to have a lighter life?

  2. Tammy, will you be selling ads in the US, Canada or both? I certainly hope that you don't have to spend the cold winters up north.

    MarkinTennessee (for another 2 weeks)

  3. I am lucky, l won't have to spend my winters in Canada anymore! Yeah Me!!!!