Monday, April 9, 2012

To Start or to Not Start

That was the question this morning.  My trusty little van decided to not start this morning.  It actually started (or to not start) last night after l moved my van for my sister to get her car out.  My automatic locks wouldn't work, and when l pressed the button, l actually got a "humming" sound out of it.  Which was puzzling.

So l went to start my van again (looking back, l'm not sure why l decided to start it again), and it wouldn't start!  My lights wouldn't come on, nothing electrical would work, and it wouldn't turn over.

I popped the hood to see if the battery was still connected, it was.  I put it in gear, wiggled the gear shift it around a bit.  Still nothing.  So what did l do next.  Of course l called a friend.  Who was just as puzzled as l was.

It was dark out now, so l decided to wait until the morning to see if the battery was dead (which l thought not possible since l had just started it prior to when this fiasco started).

So this morning with the friend back on the phone, l went out to see what we could figure out.  Once again, tried everything, thinking maybe the gremlins had disappeared overnight.  No such luck. :-(

I popped the hood, put the jumper cables on the battery to see if l could get a spark.  Yep.  Real strong spark.  So it wasn't the battery (that saved me digging out the house battery for a boost).  My friend suggested to look at the starter that was installed not too long ago ( a month ago - but really the van wasn't driven much since l have been out of town with rental cars).  Of course, l went down below with my trusty hammer and gave it a wack ( a love tap) when l was down there.  I was looking to see any loose wires around the starter, l couldn't see shit!

I then went back in the van and for shits and giggles, tried starting the van and Voila......the bugger started.

Friend was just as puzzled as l was.  I guess l will have to go back to where it was installed and get them to take a look- see at it.  I'm so glad it wasn't something else.  If it was a short in the wires.....where would one begin to look!!  So the fact that it was the starter again....l'm actually happy!


  1. Here's crossing my fingers that they get it fixed up right this time! While you're very resourceful, it's still a pain to have to scrounge up repairs when far from familiar places.

  2. Hi Maria. I agree. Thank goodness l have a friend to call for advice. I popped by the garage that did the starter last month and will be bringing it in for a look see on Wed or Thurs.