Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Are Your Thoughts?

Tonight the temperature is dipping down low, close to freezing.  The candle is doing a great job (l think l will buy one or two more to double and triple the heat), however, there is a wind that is blowing something fierce.  And luck would have it, my van is hole-y, almost to the point of being blessed by the Pope.

I have big drafts coming in so l have strung up a blanket on my side doors to block the breeze and doubled up the curtain dividing the cab from living space (all that has helped).

Do you think if l put on that plastic sheeting that people put on their older home windows it would work?  You know the kind that you shrink with a blow dryer?

I'm looking for suggestions here, since you all have been so helpful in the past.


  1. The plastic sheeting might help around windows but I wonder how well it will stick once the windows frost up and you thaw them to drive. Like will the change in temperature make them come loose. Guess the only way to know for sure is to try on a couple windows.

    Do you also have air coming in through the door seams? Might want to check the seals to make sure they're good and tight.

    Also you might want to hang blankets in front of the side doors too. I just had this vision of a huge toaster cover over the entire van... ha!

    Also throw rugs on the floor to help insulate it a little.

    Let us know how it works out.

    1. Maria, l also was wondering how the plastic sheeting will stick. I do have a couple of spots where the doors meet that lets in air. I have resorted to a towel to block the draft.

      I've got the rugs on the floor. Now l know why they had shag rugs in so many vans. lol

  2. When I had my travel trailer I got my hands on some of the big bubble wrap from a part store. I sprayed the inside windows with water and stuck the bubble wrap, bubble side to windows and it stayed in place all winter. I also taped some to cover my door. Then I taped some on the inside of my cabinets. I went from one tank of propane every week to one tank every 23 days. It made a big difference and it was free. This morning I blocked off a door way with bubble wrap in my home to a room that I don't use. The stuff is wonderful!!!

    1. Bubble wrap? Wow, who knew. I think l will try some reflectix on windows l dont use in the winter.

  3. Be careful not to make it too tight....carbon monoxide etc.
    The bubble wrap is a great idea. Remember,you'll have to be going in/out easily. Also destructo-kitties can be a factor in what you put on the windows/doors.
    Try the flower pot thing too. Heat it slowly on your stove and it will give off heat for ages.
    I have a 75lb. dog....great heat source!

    1. Lucky me, my cats don't have front claws and aren't very destructive.