Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Could It Be?

Could l be running out of things to say?

Living in my van now for almost 7 months, and mostly staying in the same city has me running out of things to say.  Or it could just be a slow week!!!

I'm still enjoying it, perhaps l am really getting settled in.  And here l thought l was settled in months ago, however every day my comfort expands. 

I'm hoping it's just a slow news week.


  1. maybe photo's on the days you have less to say..?

  2. For me it's the living in the same city and the frustration of not having a van yet. But hey, at least you haven't started reporting on lint between your toes yet!

  3. Yeah me too running out of things to say!!! Maybe just take a break? Or have your cats telling us a story? LOL

  4. How are you doing keeping warm so far? Do you have a down comforter?
    Do you have something to keep your tanks from freezing? Meant to ask about that before.
    Have you considered getting a work permit for the States? Be like George and head for Mexico!

    1. Suz, l would love to get a permit for the States, unfortunately, not as easy as it sounds. Mexico would be even better, but that's a lot of miles to cover only to come back in a couple of months.

      Right now l have three blankets folded in half (since my bed is a bit smaller then a twin. The one closest my body is a warm fuzzy one. More then warm enough for now.

      I don't have any water in my fresh tank and have been using jug water for about a month now. Black tank will have it's final dump on Nov 1st, then onto kitty litter.