Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have been contemplating a couple of choices the last couple of days.  I'm not sure which way to turn, so l am just letting them paths percolate in the back of my mind.

They all have to do with my living arrangements.  As you know l live in my van.  And l really like living in my van.

Here are the choices (so far);

1. Stay in the van all winter, l will have my Mr. Buddy heater on Thursday, so l should be comfortable. Might have some nights to deal with moving when plow trucks come through the parking lots to clear big snowfalls (if they happen)

2. Think of moving to a friends for a couple of months to get through the harshness of Toronto's winters( l will be paying rent there), keep the van and move back in next spring, rinse - repeat.

3. Take advantage of  an offer l'm going to see about tomorrow, which is, rent a place with reduced rent by being their maid - one day a week.  I don't know all the details yet, it would be a one bedroom apartment.  They have rented the apartment for $1500 a month in the past, so what would be reduced?  Details tomorrow. 

The sticky part about number 3 is, it's not just for short term.  So that would possibly involve selling my van, since the expense of gas and l'm sure these people wouldn't want an older camper van in their driveway of their million plus home.

If l pick number 3, it would mean a big change or me, not one l'm sure l want to make.  I like living in my van.  Sure it would be easier to roll out of bed and head to the shower rather then going to the gym.  I would still need a vehicle, so selling the van isn't going to get me that much ahead.

I really want to save money now, so l can retire early.  Living in my van helps that.  Of course, once retired, l will travel by van/RV.  My time line on the retirement is 5 years.

I'm still going to percolate this, but if you guys want to chime in......go ahead.


  1. Option #3 isn't really an option...you know it wouldn't work out and someone would end up with their knickers in a twist.
    Option #2....hmmm one step forward...2 steps back.
    Aha...leaves us with option#1...pop out of bed, crank up the heater, back in the warm bed until it heats up. I grew up in Sask. with no heat in the bedroom...you learn to move fast and develop strong bladders! If it ges really really bad crash ith a friend for a night or 2.

  2. I agree with Suzanne but I'd add to option 1.

    Stay in your van but have several sort term back up places if it gets too unbearable. Like that time your kitties stayed with someone a few days because it was too hot in the summer.

    With back up you won't have to worry about it getting too cold to bear yet you won't have to pay rent either.

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  4. Hello -Rick here from St Kitts
    OR you could park in a friends' driveway and plug in for a little rent and increase in hydro-cheap for you and they would have a little extra pocket money-win win-lol-heating with propane will cause huge condensation in camper

  5. Good idea Rick, better security and snowplow risk too.

  6. Yeah, l'm leaning away from Option #3. I'm sure l could also stay at summer place if it was to get extreamly cold out (talking 0F), which usually only happens for a couple of days a year, otherwise it bounces around 10 to 33F).

    Or Rick, l could move to St. Kitts (yeah, l'm jealous!!!)

    I will look forward to the day when l will be free to travel to warmer climates in the winter months! I hear Mexico calling my name!