Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Setting The Mood In The Van

This was last nights scene.  I purchased a scented candle (they don't sell big non-scented candles at my wal-mart) to help heat the van.  This way as l was surfing the Internet l wasn't running my furnace It wasn't too cold out - only 51 degrees dropping to 45 degrees overnight.

I have to chuckle when l say that it's not too cold my previous life l would have been miserably cold, cursing it.  Now it's not so bad.  Of course l like to flick on the heater before l get out of bed and get dressed in the morning.  But it ain't that bad.  I sleep like a rock all snuggled up under my blankets with a cat or two on top of me.

So, with Suz suggestion l purchased a candle, and l have to say l love the added ambiance.  I've put it in the sink so the cats don't knock it by accident (not that they would).

Just another exciting day of my life in the van.


  1. And did it add much to the temperature?

    1. Maria, l think so. It wasn't too cold last night. As l sit in my van now l have it lit, it's day time, no sun, and 50 degrees. Tonight it's going down to high 30's, l guess that will be the test! Either way, it is making some difference.

  2. What a great idea, Tammy. I know it doesn't take much to heat that small a space.

  3. I have been following your blog for a few months now and just wanted to say I enjoy following your life and wish you continued success and happiness in this venture.