Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy Is Coming To Town

Hurricane Sandy is coming up to Toronto Monday/Tuesday.  Well, maybe not Hurricane Sandy but her equally miserable cousin Tropical Storm Sandy.  Those two can be a terror.

It will be a very wet, windy week with cool/cold temperatures.  The sun isn't forcasted to show its face at all for the next 5 days. 

I guess l will be seeing how well Fiona the van holds out with 90 KM wind driven rain.  I have started thinking about little alcoves that l could park in that might keep me out of the wind on Tuesday.

I know l do have a little leak on my big window above my bed.  It seems once the sill fills up it drips inside.  Not the end of the world, but you may understand why l don't want driving rain on that window!!!!


  1. Hi Tammy:
    There should be some drain holes from the drip rail to the outside and they may be plugged.

    You should be able to clean the drain holes with anything soft.


  2. OffRoadCruiser, Thanks l checked them out, they seem fine. I will look again when it's not raining!!!! :-)

  3. As was suggested above, that's the most likely cause. It may not be obvious they're blocked. Assuming they're like the ones on my similar camper van, I was only able to see how much dirt was in them when I removed the rubber bead around the window. I was replacing mine anyway, but they pop in and out. There was a ton of trash in there that was blocking them from draining and causing them to overflow.

    I found a youtube video that might help - my only caveat is I sure didn't need to use a hammer to put that bead back in - yikes:

  4. Mike, Thanks, l will check out the video and see if l can locate anything in there.