Thursday, October 18, 2012

Picked Up Buddy

I went for a drive today to pick up Mr. Buddy.  He had to be specially ordered and it took a few days to get in stock.  I got the call yesterday that he was in. 

So that was my project for today.  Go get Buddy.  Should have been easy right?  Yeah, that's what l thought.  So l punch in the address of where l have to pick it up on the GPS and it doesn't come up.  Luckily the business card had some kind of map with the RV shop location.  Now l just said "some kind".  It was a bit of an adventure to find the place and took me longer then l would have liked.

I ended up trying to call, but only got their answering machine (it was lunch hour).  Thank goodness that l travel with all my possessions with me so it was no problem to fire up my laptop and hook up to the Internet.  They had some half assed directions on their website.  I felt like Sherlock Holmes trying to find this place.

I'm not familiar with Orangeville, and the place was on the outskirts of the town.  And it was really a rinky dinky place.  I had only seen them at RV shows and had no idea what their sticks and bricks place looked like.

I thought it was a dealership.  I thought wrong.

So, l pull up and start looking for someone to let me buy my Buddy.  I walked in buildings calling "hello", no body showed up for about 10 minutes.  I was starting to steam.  First l was a bit prickly because l had a hard time finding their location.  Now l couldn't get service.  I was starting to think, l should have gone to the other place.

Finally when the guy comes to help me, l pay for my Buddy then remember that l needed a hose to connect a 20 pound tank to him.  I didn't preorder one because they said they had lots at the shop.  They didn't.  They had plenty of 5 foot ones, but not the 12foot ones that l wanted.

I'm starting to get even more prickly.  I don't want to have to drive back (it ended up being an hour and a half each way).  The guy begins to flip through his catalogue looking for the hose l want.  Yep, he's got to order it in.  Half way through the process of ordering it, another customer comes in and he drops me like a hot potato, leaving me at the counter. 

I gave up waiting for him after 5 minutes.  I took my Buddy (yes, l had already paid for him) and left.  I don't plan on going back there, l'll get the hose somewhere else.

So l have Buddy sitting on the floor right now, and l can't use him.  At least l'm no longer prickly!


  1. It can also use the one lb lp tanks in a pinch. Buy at Walmart etc.

    Order your 12 ft hose from Amazon, etc.

    You will love it.

    1. Yeah Andrea l've bought them there before for other things years ago. They are just so darn expensive. Right now when needed l am running my furnace. My battery has been holding up, so all is well!

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