Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's The Little Things

Whoot Whoot!  I just found out that the place where l go and dump my tanks is open until November 1st.  That is a whole 15 days longer then l thought they were.

I will have three  four options after November 1st for dumping my black tank in the van.

1. Find another place to dump the tanks.....I know there is one 45 minutes from here, of course if l can avoid travelling that far to dump, that would be great.  And if they don't freeze solid between dumps!

2. Get a bucket and utilize the kitty litter l have on board already.  I would use establishments toilets more during this time, but for the middle of the night would be the kitty litter.

3. Get a short term rental, or house sit.

4.  Just don't pee


  1. LOL #4 might be hard to do. #1 /2 sounds good. #3 sounds OK but unless your with a friend might cost some money. Would a friend let you do that? I was thinking getting a motel room for the night might work. Good Luck!!

  2. 5. Make a list of all-night establishments in case of emergency.

    6. Get one of those blue boys to temporarily dump the tanks into, thus making #1 a less frequent trip.

    7. Chuck it all and head south

    Or hey... just morph into a guy for a few months and use the nearest bush! Ha! :p

    In any case this will be a great learning experience :)

    1. Maria, l don't have a place to store those blue thingy's. Would love to head south, but alas......not this year.

      Besides gas stations...not too many all night establishments in this arcaic town of Toronto.

      If l was a guy, a bush would do...but l sure as hell and not squating in the freezing cold as a girl.....

  3. Michelle, motel rooms would be way more expensive in this part of the world then renting a room.

  4. there are products to prevent the grey and black tank from freezing.
    2nd choice...the kitty litter route. I've done it and it's fine.

  5. Hi Tammy:
    Has anyone tried switching to a porta-potty for the winter? I assume that you might be able to store it in the shower and since it is inside your RV it should be warmer than the tanks that are underneath the floor as long as your furnace is on.

    Just wondering if anyone has any practical experience here.


    1. OffRoadCruiser, l don't think a porta potty is for me. Too much trouble trying to dump the thing in the city. If l had a rest stop to go to l might consider it.....But l can't see me walking into WalMart to dump it. Just my two cents.

  6. I love the idea of a composting toilet. It virtually eliminates the need to dump the black, EVAH. I know the gals over at have one and love it. Might want to run over there and check it out.

  7. <--- Your answer to the "not going to squat issue" :)

    I like the composting and the kitty litter. It's a problem I am facing as well...crossing my fingers for a soft winter!

    Good luck!

    1. If l ever grow up and get a Class C or Class A, I would consider the composting toilet. I just think there isn't the room in a little ol' Class B. My head would hit the ceiling when l was on the thrown!!!