Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1 Year Anniversary

It is my 1 year anniversary in blog writing.  Wow, who would have thought that l would have continued writing for a whole year. Not me!  I'm quiet proud of myself.  Who knew that l had so much to say!  Or not.

I had a different blog on blogger for a month, then moved over to a wordpress site that was (l've moved those posts over to this site).  I was travelling by plane for the first 6 months to parts in Canada and the USA, and it has been 7 months living in my van now.

While the last 5 months or so l have been stationary in Toronto.  I certainly enjoy living in my van more then travelling by plane and living in hotels.  I did like seeing the different sights.  Living in a hotel out of a suitcase - not so much.  Although it did teach me that l don't really need all that "stuff" that most people have.

Now l'm aiming for year 2.  To all the people that read my blog, thanks for reading.


  1. Woot! Congratulations Tammy! So many good things have happened in your life this past year and you're such an inspiration to mobile wannabes like me.

    I look forward to reading your blog for many years to come :^)

  2. Congratulations, Tammy! Here's to many more years of reading you. :)

  3. WOAH HOO!!!! I love reading your blogs. You really are an inspiration to all us wannabes!! Cheers for another year to come!!

  4. Isn't amazing what we can do when we say YES instead of finding all the reasons to say NO??
    Keep on blogging and stay warm!

  5. Well done, and thanks, I have enjoyed every word. Keep on bloggin!

  6. You guys are all so kind! Thank you! :-)

  7. Sorry I missed the big day Tammy! Congrats on the one year mark. I echo everyone - especially Maria - you are a huge inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share your world with us!