Monday, October 1, 2012

Rent Cheque - NO WAY - Not This Month, Again

Well, October is here and once again, l am rent free. That makes 6 months of this rent free living for me. 

It's getting cooler, however, l am hoping to stay in the van longer.  How much longer l don't know.  I will take it one day at a time.

I am amazed at how my body has adjusted to the cooler temperatures.  The nights have been bouncing around the 38 to 50 degrees area and l have been okay.  I am amazed that l don't feel as cold as l used to feel in a sticks and bricks home where the temperature was kept at 66 degrees.

In the middle of the night when l get up to use the 'facilities', me or my feet don't freeze.  After work l sit in the van on my laptop or reading, of course l have a sweatshirt on, but l always seemed to have that on in a sticks and bricks house as soon as cooler temperatures hit. On the warmer nights (50 degrees) l even have the door still open for the cats to come and go.


  1. I think what gets us is the constant change in temperatures, not acclimating to cooler weather. I've had my windows open for several weeks now and haven't even added any extra blankets to the bed yet.

    But alas... I had to pay another rent check :/

    Btw talked to a guy about another RV today, one in my price range and guess what he said. I don't need a toilet. Nah they took it out because it just took up space. Same with the stove - who needs it when you have a microwave?

    No thank you, I'll keep looking... sheesh!

    1. I guess the same goes for hot temperatures....l did just fine this year in the crazy heat since l was always in it.

      Ummmm....No toilet? Not needed? Has to be a man saying that. No women would ever choose to squat when a toilet could be had!! Stove is pretty hand - even if just for tea!!!!

  2. Well he's right on the toilet to an extent. Much better to have a porta potti or another method that you can manage over a toilet especially going into the cooler months where you might not want to move your rig around much. (I find dumping to be such a hassle)

    Remember the biggest heat loss is through glass so blanket up the front windows or use a really thick quilt divider between the cabin and the house. Are you using electric (plug in power?) or gas? If electric that's better as the propane furnace produces moisture and that is your worst enemy as it starts getting cooler.

    Planning on going as far into winter as possible? I'm in New Brunswick and I'd like to go for the winter but I think that I will have to rethink that unless it's pretty mild.

    Warm dreams! ;)

    1. Hi Travelling Man; Girls need toilets!!! At least a porta potti.

      I am not stationary at all and have no hook-ups so propane it is. I've only fired it up once, one morning for 5 minutes...otherwise l've been cool (pun intented).

  3. Good tips traveling Man!!
    I think your body does adapt to the weather as your in it. Not like a dog or cat who tend to grow more fur but still we do adapt. As grandma's all over would say ...Cold? Put a sweater on!!

    1. So the extra hair on my legs is not normal?

  4. I have been sleeping in the B Class (with the furnace off) last week in the Kingston area and I am sure that there was frost on grass at least one morning. So far I never had to zip up the sleeping bag.

    I do not know what the rules are now but a PortPotty was not acceptable to camp on BLM land, you needed a minimum size holding tank.

    I am sure that Fiona has an acceptable holding tank but I may have install one into this Great West van.


    1. OffRoadCruiser; I haven't seen the frost yet in the big smoke (Toronto) but it has been cool. I have three blankets on the bed, and depending on the temperature is how far down l crawl.

      Fiona has a 20 gallon black tank (my guess anyways). It lasts me two weeks before l need to dump.

      I could never give up the toilet. Come the winter l may need to devise a set up that involves kitty litter for the middle of the night "passing of the water"