Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Made It Through - Snug As A Bug

All safe and sound on this end.  It was a windy night and felt like someone was outside shaking the van all night long.  I got used to it and was only woken by the occasional really big gust that felt like l was the target vehicle in a riot where they are trying to tip it.

I’m happy to say despite the rain for the last week now – l haven’t seen sun since last Wednesday, or very very little of it, Fiona has kept me dry.  No leaking in that window above my bed as it has happened before.

I’ve checked the gutters/sill on it a couple of days ago and nothing was blocking it, it could have worked itself loose, or perhaps since it is winter (close anyways) and l actually LOCK that window now, it might have been just enough leverage (?) to seal the small leak l was experiencing before.  Who knows, l’m just happy the leaking has stopped.

I had a couple of calls last night of offers to come indoors to shelter from friends, but choose to stay in Fiona.  It really was comfortable with Mr. Buddy heating up the joint.  I was watching NetFlix on my laptop and not worrying about my battery life because Mr. Buddy was heating and not using battery power (yeah).

Earlier in the day, listening to the radio, the radioheads were telling people to be prepared for power outages, and such.  And here l was ready for them without even trying.  I had battery power, heat, food in the fridge (that runs on propane and won’t spoil), a stove to cook a hot meal on,  water to drink, a cell phone that l can charge without effort, and a toilet that will flush (at least for a day or two longer……might move onto kitty litter). 

Some people in Toronto have downed trees and no power, but it is nothing compared to NY and NJ.  I wish them luck in the clean up and hope the death tally doesn’t rise.


  1. Happy to see that your safe and sound, dry and warm.

  2. Hurray for Team Tammy!
    You're living your dream....doesn't get much better.

  3. Am happy to read this post and know that you are okay.