Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rent Free Month 2

It's that time again.  Time to reflect on how living in my van is going.  I have been living in my van officially since April.  From April until June l was living in campgrounds, selling advertising for different campground maps in Canada and USA.  For various reason, l decided that it wasn't working out like l planned.  So l quit and returned to my home town.

I have been pretty stationary the last two months and living in Toronto in a couple of parking lots in my van. 

I have been rent free since April, however l am counting only since June, if l was like most people, l should be renting a place since l am stationary.

I love being rent free and have a hard time wrapping my mind around parting with $500 to $1200 for rent, so for now, l will continue living in my van.

My friends are getting used to me residing in my van.  I actually really like it.  I have all the conveniences of living in an apartment, although l do shower at the gym.  I have spots where l know l can get free wi-fi, l watch net-flix or borrow DVD's from the library.  I have a kitchen to cook my food, a comfy bed to sleep.  A toilet for doing "the business".

And for two months l have saved between $1000 and $2400 in rent.  How good is that!!


  1. It's excellent! Even though my rent is way cheaper than that, I still expect to save about $300 a month when I go mobile. More if I drive less.

    Sounds like you have the life :)