Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sleeping In

I can't believe how tired l am while l am house sitting.  I am sleeping late (until 9am) and struggling to wake up.  AND l am going to bed earlier at 2am

Tommy the hungry cat doesn't wake me up at 6:30am for his snack since we are no where near the kitchen in the house.  We are actually sleeping in the spare room in the basement.

I guess it just confirms what l have always thought....sunshine makes me feel alive and charges me like a solar panel.

There is a window in the basement bedroom, however it is small, and doesn't let much light in.

Another thing l've noticed, even though there is cable TV in the house, l have only watched 1 hour on Monday after l had built the pond all day.  I guess once you break the could careless about TV.

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