Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pond Tease

Yes, l know, last post l mentioned the beginning of the pond re-vamp, and left it at that.  Cruel, wasn't it?
Notice the lovely plastic waterfall.

It really was a cute little pond as it was.  Ma mere, a very good friends Mother, wanted to get rid of the plastic waterfall and have something more natural looking.  That's where l come in.  As a gift to her, since she is such a nice women, l volunteered to do it.

In order to achieve the new look, l will have to lower the pond 12 inches and build up a rock waterfall.

Today l scored a bargain at Canadian Tire for the new pond liner, it was on sale for half price.  Yeah Me!

The current pond is one of those prefabricated pond shells and is very limited in the shape that you can do.  Really limited.  So l bought the new pond liner to make my life easier.  It is all about me isn't it?

Here you can see l have reached the point of no return.

                                         Love that lovely plastic waterfall....so glad it's gone.

                                                Don't worry ...l do have some supervision.....

                                                     Anyone want a pond liner????  Cheap!

                                                                                                       Stay tuned for further developments.


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    1. Make sure those supervisors keep you in check!!!

    2. They had me working my ass off!!!! :-)