Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Told Someone

Yep.  I told someone.  Sure, it was a complete stranger, but l actually told someone that l live in my van.

I'm so surprised at myself.  It was to two retired ladies and we were having a nice little chitchat about life and l told them that l plan on retiring in 5 years, and to help accomplish that l am living in my van - rent free.

As the words were coming out of my mouth, l was quiet surprised, but didn't stop them.  I almost felt like l was confessing.  :-)  l felt relieved once l told someone other then friends and family.  I still don't think l will be letting the world know.....


  1. What a contrast. I'm telling everyone I'm getting a van to live in and I'm quite excited about it!

    Of course I say I'm doing it to travel, which sounds so much more appealing than simply saving money.

    1. Maria, big difference. When l was planning on travellng selling the advertising for the campground maps, l had no problem telling people l was going to live in my campervan.

      Now however, it's more of a "homeless" type of thing. Not that l fell that way, l love being homeless in that sense, but the majority of society would look at it in a negative light. So l keep very quiet about it.