Monday, August 20, 2012

Van Living vs House Sitting

I'm currently house sitting.  Why, when l have my van?  It's where l am doing the pond re-vamp.

A couple of things I've noticed.

I miss the sun streaming in my windows in the morning.  I've always loved waking up with the sun shining in my window.  So either l was tired (could just be that) or sleeping in a basement with a little window makes me sleep a long time.

Tommy, the cat doesn't beg me for his breakfast in the morning.  In the van, anywhere between 5:30 and 7 am he starts to remind me that he wants his breakfast. When l am going to sleep between 2am and 3am - it's pretty early.

Not having to think about water consumption is a nice break.

Not having to workout before l take a shower isn't as good for me.....but sometimes l just want to be lazy, and be clean.

When Charley didn't come in the house last night before l left for work, it wasn't a big deal, l drove to work in my van and Charley stayed out at the house until l got home.

I really miss having all my stuff with me.  Obviously, l haven't unloaded the van for my stay here, and l miss not having all my stuff with in arms reach. At least it's a short saunter to the driveway to get what l need.  Yesterday it was clean underware.

It's only been two days and l miss my own little space in the van.  It has a certain level of comfort.  Like a cocoon.  The few inconviences are worth it, l love my living in my Van. 

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