Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pond is Done

Pond Pre-Tammy

Pond Post-Tammy

The big difference between the two ponds is the one l did has dropped lower to the ground, is more stable ( Pre-Tammy the walls were wobbly) and the waterfall is made out of stone vs. the plastic waterfall.  I've also put a flagstone walk to the right of the was a great way to use up some of the stones....l still have so many left over.
I would have preferred to have bigger stones and a different style of stone, but l used what l had and total cost was only the $70 for the liner.  Pretty cheap. 

Now on to the next project......painting the interior of my van!


  1. Very nice. Everything looks neater and more natural! Can't wait to see the painted van. Is duckie supervising that as well? ;)

    1. Michelle, the Duck just might have double duty!!! :-)