Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend l worked, attended a small wedding and started on the pond re-vamp.

Saturday l went to two friends who were getting married for the third time (obviously - not the third time to each other.....and l am sure it will be third time is the charm).  It was a lovely wedding, only 40 people attended, the ceremony was short and lovely, the bride and groom were able to spend sometime will all the guests in attendance, which was really nice.

The brides dress was a silvery-platinum color, and it's the one on the right.  The Bridesmaid (her daughter) was the yellow one.  I loved the texture and color of that dress.  Stunning, really.

It's nice to see a couple so happy.

Something l thought was funny, was how many people used their phones to capture the pictures of the wedding then an actually camera.  Me included.  :-)