Tuesday, July 31, 2012

$1.99 Breakfast at IKEA

Today l scored a cheap breakfast at Ikea.  Yeah, l know, Ikea sells furniture and other nik-naks.  They also have a restaurant.

For a very reasonable $1.99 l received scrambled eggs, 2 sausages, home fries and pancakes.  If l choose to forgo the pancakes l would have gotten the eggs, sausages and home fries for $1.00.  I love bargains.  I couldn't even cook it in the van for less.

For that $1.99 l also got to people watch, I love watching people....after all...most of us are strange and entertaining.


  1. Yummy! They have some pretty good Swiss chocolate at their little food section too.

  2. I can't have pancakes so a buck for a breakfast? Gee I won't have to cook. Somehow I think the Ikea here doesn't go that low. Have to check that out. Enjoy your breakfast ...looks good.

    1. Looked it up ...same price here. Too bad I had breakfast already. LOL

    2. It was a really good breakfast for a buck. Enjoy it sometime Michelle.....you can't go wrong!!!