Friday, August 31, 2012

Van Reno Reveal or Ta Daaaaa!!!!

It's done.  It took three days, to take apart, tape, paint, put back together, and to do a few other things l have been wanting to for a while.  But it is done.


I really, really like it.  I am very happy with the outcome of a few coats of paint.
                                                 Not bad for an old girl, the van, not me!!!

I have just made the van my 'home'.  Sounds crazy since l have been living in it since April.  I have done little things to put my stamp on it prior to this.  However, painting it was a major Reno for me.

I have never like panelling, whether in a home or a van/RV.  I find it just plain butt ugly.  Now it is gone. 

I am now motivated to add a few more things to make it my home.  Artwork, drapes, little kitchy things.....

And of course, a new floor!!!!  That's next.  I think the person who l am house sitting for is going away in a couple of months again....might be the perfect time to install a new floor.


  1. Pretty dang amazing! Looks like a whole new van :)

  2. Thanks Guys! I am really happy with the result. Now l can invite you all over for tea!!!!

  3. Nicely done! I have seen a lot of this particular floor plan/style and your work has definitely made a big difference. Much improved!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  4. Great Job it looks very inviting!!

  5. Looks great! The white will certainly keep make it much brighter inside!! Congrats on your "new home" ;)

  6. looks great! I too, call my rv home, lived in it for quite a long've given me some great ideas!!!

  7. Oh wow, what a difference! It is so fresh and bright and homey and that bed must call your name. Great job!

  8. I just read through from the before pictures to the reveal. I am so in awe and so impressed with the difference, I am speechless. You and your home are a-ma-zing! Congratulations Tammy. You are a huge inspiration.

  9. What a beautiful home you have! Great job!!! :)

  10. Job well done on the RV renovation! It definitely looks like home! In fact, it looks like a studio apartment. And I think the white paint goes well with the cabinets. It makes the RV space look a little

  11. I think this looks wonderful! I bought a tiny trailer for weekend jaunts and I'm painting all of it too. It's from the eighties and while it is wonderfully cute and well-designed, it is all paneling and plaid! I'm redoing it all in cream and linen and black.

    Your blog is a nice read, I'm happy to see how much you enjoy your downsizing. I have a very small home, but we plan on traveling in a campervan if we ever manage to actually retire.