Thursday, August 16, 2012

Canadian National Exhibition

The CNE opens tomorrow.  And for us Torontonians it marks the end of summer.'s over.

The Canadian National Exhibition has been around for 133 years.  It's a huge event that lasts until Labour Day (this year Sept. 3rd).  There are rides, buildings to go into, concerts to see (when l was a kid it was one of the few big venues to see some of the big acts- Micheal Jackson, Wham, Genesis), games to play, food to eat, money to spend.

The buildings are changing a bit over the years, however the biggest attraction is the food building.  There is all kinds of food to eat there, samples to try, meals to eats, sweets to be had.  It's great. 

I'm pretty sure you can still find live stock there, you know the blue ribbon winners that are traditionally at country fairs.

I haven't been in many years.  The last time must have been 20 years ago, l was selling printed magazines for the airshow.  Good money for a couple of days work!

If you are going to be in the Toronto area over the next couple of weeks, check out the CNE.

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