Friday, August 17, 2012

Evening Bath

Imagine my surprise while l was sitting in my van, for the first time this year, my windows were closed, since it has cooled off here in the evening considerably, when the sprinklers at Lowe's turned on.

The van got a bath, big time.  The sprinkler heads were pointed into the parking lot and l was only about 3 feet from the sprinkler. 

I jumped up to move the van and couldn't locate my keys.  If those windows or the side door was open like it usually is, l would have been soaked.

It scared the shit out of the cats.  And gave me something to write about.  :-)


  1. Should have grabbed some soap and a sponge and jumped out.... For the van silly, not you :P

    Love a proper (and free) vehicle wash :)

  2. I should have...... didn't think quick enough. lol

  3. Maria took the words out of my mouth......