Sunday, August 26, 2012

So Glad I'm Handy

I've started on the van project.  Pictures will follow.  I promise.  I just wanted to stop working on the van to update you.  And l need to make a run to the hardware store for some more painters tape; who knew l would need more then one roll on such a small space!!

I just unloaded the old pond shell.  Someone came to pick it up 20 minutes that's out of the way.  Yeah!

I love that l am so handy.  I'm not tooting my own horn,  however l am tooting all the people that helped me get so handy.  My Dad would be the first one, having me help him with projects around the house, handing him tools, observing. 

The second would be J, who always gets me out of a jam, but is sooooooo handy himself that after the 28 years of knowing him, from the beginning years of owning a business with him building swimming pools and landscaping to helping him with his projects while he builds his own house.  I went from observing with Dad to doing with J.

I have observed J go through thought processes that help him solve problems whether with a car or some obstacle in construction.

All of that has helped me become the person l am.  And l want to Thank them for helping me become ME.


  1. I hope they are reading this!!!

  2. Michelle, I did let J know, l texted him. Unforunately my Dad has passed on, so depending what you believe, he either heard it too...or not. :-)