Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Week Of August - Over Already

I guess l have come to realize that it has happened to me.  What has happened to me?  Well, l think l am getting old, because time is flying.

Isn't it funny how time seems to fly faster and faster as we age.  Many years ago when l was a nanny (yes, l have done many things this lifetime), the father of the child put it in perspective for me.  He used the reality of his child to explain time.  He said when his child was hungry, the reason the child goes from "not hungry" to "crazy starving" and screaming blue murder in such a short time is because every minute, if divided by how many they have been alive- mean so much more to them.

So if the child has been alive 3 months, then to be hungry for 10 minutes in their life on the 89th day of their life, they are hungry now! But if you are hungry for 10 minutes on your 3650 day (only a ten year old)..you have a tendency to be able to wait the 10 minutes for your food to be prepared.

Okay...not explained very well on my part...but l hope you get the drift.

So on my 16950 day on planet earth...my summer is just whizzing by.


  1. I think it's because once we get past all the major milestones of youth there are no positive milestones to look forward to. Time marches faster towards the undesirable.

  2. For me some things are whizzing by while others are moving at a snail's pace.

    @Cherry - I'm not sure about that, I have more positive milestones to look forward to now than I have in years. Like a kid anticipating Christmas - I can't wait! :)

  3. I have to agree with Maria, Cherry. I still have things to look forward too...the best part is they seem to come at me faster,,,lol