Monday, August 27, 2012

Before Pictures of Van

I'm painting the interior of my Ford Falcon Camper Van because l am not too happy with  the lovely panelling.
I'm hoping to brighten it up, l have chosen A Touch of Olive, which is a light yellow paint for the walls and Pegasus, a light blue for the cabinets from Sico.  A quart of each.  I have bought outdoor paint since the van goes through temperature fluctuations, especially in the winter.
I've removed the back curtain that seperates the toilet area from the kitchen and livingroom.  I've only pulled it out once to see how much room l would have while it was open, and l think, only a toothpick would have any room to move while showering or using the toilet.
I might put up a material curtain so l don't continue to flash my neighbors when l forget to close the blinds.
This is looking from the rear barn doors.  The toilet is in the bottom of the picture frame.  Fridge to the right.
As l wrote about before, l removed the back rest from the sofa.  The back part of the sofa would swing across the top and end up in front of the sofa to make a double size bed.
I found during the day the sofa was too small of be comfortable to snuggle with a book, so by removing the backrest, l now have a bed a bit smaller then a twin, but a great area to relax and read a book.
A bonus of removing the back rest is l don't have to take up living area now when l make my bed.  The hall way is always open and not blocked by the bed.


  1. I like it! Can't wait to see the after pics :)

  2. I have a Coachmen van rv which is pretty close to the falcon inside and I had thought about taking the back off the " bed/couch " also...sounds like its working out for you and looks good so I think I will go for it.
    at 6'3" and 200# there just isn't enough " couch " to be comfortable and if you make it into a bed its hard to get around etc.
    the paint job looks great ..!!!

    1. Micheal, to remove the back was only two bolts, it was so easy, and so worth it. I haven't regreted it at all. In the past if l left my bed down so l could read comfortably it was such a pain to move around it made me nuts.

      Try it....l bet you will LOVE it.

    2. T,
      I'm gonna do it..!!! ;-)
      if anyone asks why I am telling them you made me do it..!
      I do have one question, did you add something to the couch to make it more comfortable..? some foam etc..? it looks higher in the photos ( and I compared it to mine..! )

    3. Micheal, it was easy peasy to take the back rest off. Just one bolt on each side. I still have the mechanism for the back rest attached to the bottom of the sofa. So any time l can put it back on with just two bolts. The back is stored at a friends if l should ever need it.

      I did remove it and had it wedged up "under" the sofa for a couple of days after l removed it for two reasons, 1. to see if l liked the removal and 2. it was a couple of days before l could get to the friends to store it.

      I did add a piece of foam l bought at Costco, a month or so ago. It was tooted as an "exercise mat, extra sleep space for company, and good for camping" coast about $50. It's not bad, but because of the finish on the bottom tends to slide a bit when l sleep.

      I have seen pretty good mat pads for sale at Wal-Mart, l think the twin was around the same price. I never took back the Costco one since l had it and it wasn't totally terrible.

      The foam is about 1 1/2 inches high. The reason l added the foam was for comfort. I was starting to wake up with an achy back. Now l don't.

      Let me know how it works out for you!

    4. Miss T
      thanks for the additional information...! I may try the foam trick.
      ( and thanks for getting rid of the verification words..!! )