Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Pond Construction

                                              Yep, my back hurt by the time this was over.
I sure hope Ma Mere likes it.  It is bigger then the previous pond, and the waterfall is now stone and not the plastic molded thing.

I'm still under supervision.

I have all these stones left over.  I told you l continually hit rocks as l dug.  What the heck to do with these.  I text Ma Mere, asking her what should l do with the extra stones.  She said she will use them in her garden....l don't think she has any idea how many l have left over.


  1. Hi, I got interest in your post, May I know what kind of material you used for the pond bottom.

    1. Hi Koi, l used sand as a base and then a rubber liner that l bought from a local store (Canadian Tire) made for ponds. It is made for ponds and came in a pre-determined size, and l cut of the excess. I hope that helps you!