Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bi-Weekly Dump

I went to my local campground today to do my bi-weekly dump of the black tanks. 

As l was paying my $11.50 for the privilege of such a joyous occasion l saw this ......

I would think it's a motor home, maybe designed after the Chinese/Japanese hotels in Asia where the renters only have a small pod as their sleeping quarters.

All those windows at the back of the bus, and there are 3 levels, are able to open and there are curtains on each one.  On the opposite side of those windows on the passengers side of the bus it was just a solid wall. 
What l wouldn't give to look inside!!! 


  1. Hi Tammy,

    I believe that is a foreign-owned tour company bus, usually designed to provide "high end" foreign tourists in the U.S./Canada with a temporary "home" while they travel the country. We used to see many similar coaches out west when we lived in Arizona. They are especially common around the Grand Canyon and other National Parks.

  2. In regard to the dumping situation, if you ever trade RV's look for on that uses a "cassette" toilet. It has a removeable tank on it, similar to a porta-potty, and can be dumped in any household (or otherwise) toilet, so you don't have to pay dumping fees. Usually, you can find places to empty a gray water tank easier than a black water tank. If you use biodegradable soaps, you can always find a place to empty gray water out in the woods or on a deserted gravel road. There's nothing in gray water to hurt the environment, and the next rain will wash it away. Anyone who doesn't believe that had better round up all the wild animals and not let them use the woods as their bathroom anymore!