Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1st And Rent FREE

Well it's that time of the month. The beginning. The typical day for most people to pay their rent, or their mortgage. I am happy to say l have neither to pay this month.

My home, which is my van is paid for. Yep, free and clear. All mine. (okay, l still have insurance.....can't get a way from that!!!)

This will be the first month that l will not have had to pay rent or a mortgage. Of course l was travelling for two months prior to this and living in campgrounds, l never paid those fees; it was a swap out for the services l was providing. I consider this different. I am working in one place now, and most people who do this, rent or buy a home to be close to their work.

For the month of June the only monies l paid for a campground was for one night and totaled $37. with taxes. I got to dump my holding tanks for that amount, and to fill up with fresh water. I even died my hair at the campground, and did laundry (l did have to put coins in the machines).

It seems like l can dump every two weeks at the rate l am going. Of course, l shower at the gym, so my water consumption is minimal in the van.


  1. Sounds wonderful Tammy! Plus staying close to work you have little gas consumption too. Gotta love cheap living :)

  2. Oh so glad I found you. I also will be camping near work. I can't be stealth in a camper van but i will be comfy. The gym will be my shower too. Im going to read the rest of your posts. Hey 0 bucks a month for rent. Can't wait to say that!!

  3. Michelle, welcome. I am anything but Stealth. LOL But l do overnight at the Walmart. No one at work knows that l am living simply, l do park away from work so no one sees what l drive ....but that's just me.