Monday, July 2, 2012

Cross Breeze

During the two heat waves we have had in Toronto recently l have been invited to stay at a couple of friends’ houses, and my sisters, instead of sweating it out in the van. 

The thing is, it’s not so bad in the van. No one believes me either. As long as the windows are open and l make a conscious effort to park so that the sun is shining on the back of the van (less windows) it's all good. Day or Night.

The only problem comes when it's going to rain, or is raining. It's hard to park the van and leave the windows open for the cats when they are calling for rain. I did leave them open one afternoon, and it rained like crazy, my bed only got a bit wet, l was lucky because it was torrential. The wind must have been blowing the opposite way (thank God).

I did stay at my sisters one night, and l left my cats there for two days because l was going to be working long hours and l just couldn't do that to the kitties.

What l discovered is l would have been more comfortable in my van. My sister and l share the same dislike for air-conditioning, and so, her home is not air-conditioned. It also takes hours to cool down at night (so it pretty much doesn't) whereas in my van, it’s pretty instantaneous. If it cools down at night outside, it's very comfortable to sleep in, almost to the point of needing a blanket.

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