Monday, July 9, 2012

Love My Ford Falcon Van

I just love my little van.  For a 1988 she runs like a top.  Sure l could use a wee bit more space, but l can make do with her.  She's a breeze to park, all of her innards work.  And she handles rain storms really well.

Tonight while l was at work it poured rain.  Now l knew it was coming, so l adjusted my windows to accommodate keeping the rain out, however they were still open for the cats.

When l came back tonight l was tickled to see/feel that no rain entered the van.  I had had the cab windows open, about 3 inches, as well at the upper windows open about 5 inches and then the one over the bed only about 3 inches since l didn't want my bed soaked.  And then of course, the pop out windows were open, but unless rain is coming from the ground up, those are safe.

I'm back sitting at the Lowe's parking lot and Charlie the cat is keeping their mouse population in control.  That a girl!!! She's earning our keep.


  1. Fiona sounds like a really reliable workhorse! Most of the problems I’ve heard about this van is trouble with the cooling system, but it doesn’t seem like you’re having problems with that. Still, always do a regular inspection. :)

  2. That is one great van! It’s the type of vehicle you can take anywhere and under any type of weather. 1988 Falcons’ are usually very powerful, but I wonder if it’s the same with its catalytic converter and brakes. I sure hope you don’t encounter any rattling and squeaking with its converter and breaks.

    Tyra Shortino

  3. “Fiona the Falcon”--- Well, with her name, you can really tell how great and reliable your van is! I wish my family could a van like this as well. I can already imagine how wonderful our road trip could be! :D You know, when you have a vehicle like this, you wouldn’t have to look forward too much to your destination because in the van itself, you can already have an amazing joyride!