Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thinking About The Future

As you may know, there are other blogs that l follow.  I have some to the right of my posts about halfway down in my favorite blogs, of course, there are many others that l visit on a regular basis, that aren't there.

I've recently added one that l think l can learn a lot from, and gain acceptance of myself from myself.  How?  We'll, l knew l wanted to live in my van, and that it was good and that l was able to save money by doing it.  It was hard though to put into words to others WHY l was doing it.  Why l was going against the grain of society.

Most people think normal is sticks and bricks and acquiring things, things that l have shed over and over again through out the years.  Because l always get trapped back into the "game of life".

The blog is Early Retirement Extreme I got it through Glenn's To Simplify blog a week or two ago.

Jacob the author of Early Retirement Extreme breaks down how to retire early and it makes sense.  I now have a road map to follow and l have Glenn to thank, and of course, Jacob.

Take a look, it might help you see things in a different light and get you on the road to early retirement.

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  1. Yeah that's a good one. I'm not about retiring early as much as developing the income so I can have the lifestyle I want BEFORE retiring. Just a few more months...