Sunday, July 8, 2012

Offered Sticks And Bricks

I just spent a couple of days at a friends house, giving the kitties a bit of respite from the heat and humidity in the van when l am at work.

While it was nice to go home to a home at night after work, l missed booting around in my van, sleeping with the windows open, being close to the outdoors, even in a big city.

So tonight l am back in the van with the cats.  It has cooled down considerable and tonight will be very comfortable to sleep.

I know they think l am nuts, but l actually like my little kingdom. :-)


  1. What's not to like, simplicity. My house is about 900 square feet, how many sq. ft. do I spend any time in, about 100. I lived in a 17 ft travel trailer for a little over a year, most comfortable I've ever been.

  2. I'm with you Bob... you should hear me whine at bed time when I have to go "all the way across the apartment" to get to the bedroom! A whole 20 feet let me tell you :P

    Tammy, how long are you city bound? You planning on heading south for winter or are you gonna "wait and see?" Also, is there a limit on how long you can be in the US? Not sure what the rules are between countries.

  3. Bob, small is good!

    Maria, only restrictions is with our health care (since it's covered by gov't) we can only be out of country for 6 months less a day. That being said, l think l will be wintering it here in Canada, this year anyways.